Get the care you need with Drake Medox in-home health care services

Drake Medox serves clients in Winnipeg and the surrounding communities. We offer a full range of short term and long-term home care service options. All client services include a custom, individual care plan to provide care, assistance, and support needed to live more independently at home.

Our goal is to provide our clients with all the necessary support to live life to the fullest. Whether you’re looking for a short one-hour visit or 24-hour home care, we take great care to design our services to your specific needs.

With our personalized care options and assistance, you can make a positive change in your life and/or the life of someone you love who needs support.

Whether you need immediate care for you or a loved one or are just planning ahead for the future, Drake Medox is here to listen and support you every step of the way through your care journey.

Client-centered Care in the Comfort of Home

Changes in healthcare needs affect all of us. Life events such as welcoming a new child and ageing bring a need for extra support. Unexpected occurrences like illness and injury carry additional requirements for care. Loved ones may require additional support for peace of mind and well-being.

Drake Medox believes that no matter the need, client-centered home care can improve quality of life.

We provide care options that allow you and your loved ones to remain in the comfort of your homes while receiving the needed care. Home care services can provide greater autonomy and independence, which can lead to better outcomes and well-being.

Home care services from Drake Medox are a client-centered solution for you and your loved ones.

Professional Support Where it’s Needed

With aging, injury, or illness, daily living activities like climbing stairs, personal hygiene, meal preparation meals can become challenging. Without assistance, individuals may be at risk for further harm.

The need to support a loved one’s care or recovery journey can burden and overwhelm family members who may not have the time, knowledge, or expertise to provide the necessary support. For such individuals, long-term home care services can be an invaluable source of support to the individual requiring the care and their family.

Our private home care services can provide respite for families who need time to attend to other responsibilities or a break from their caregiver role. Whether you’re looking for a short one-hour visit or 24-hour home care, we are here to provide peace of mind and enhance the quality of life for both the person receiving care and their loved ones.

With Drake Medox, you and your loved ones can live life to the fullest, right in the comfort of home.

Comprehensive and Flexible Care to Meet Your Needs

We offer a comprehensive range of personalized home care services designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our team of experienced and compassionate health care providers are available 24/7 to assist with daily living activities, nursing care, recovery, healthcare management, and more.

Our licensed and certified Caregivers are selected and matched to clients based on personal needs, allowing for affordable and flexible home care options.

Drake Medox is a recognized health care provider working with government subsidies that can assist with home care funding, including the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s (WRHA) Self and Family Managed Care Program (SFMC).
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