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What types of in-home care services do we offer?

We offer a range of in-home care services for individuals of all ages in Winnipeg, short-term and long-term. From everyday assistance with independent living, to vital healthcare support, we’ll find the right Caregiver for your needs.

How long have we been providing care?
Are our care providers qualified and insured?
How much do our services cost?
How can Home Care services improve the quality of life?
How quickly can services be provided?
What geographic areas do you cover?
What is your process for selecting Nurses, Health Care Aides, and, and Childcare Workers?
Why choose you over your competitors?

Billing and Invoicing

Are your services GST exempt?
How do I pay an invoice?
How do I receive my bill for services?
How can I reach you to modify, cancel or book more services, on the weekend?

Scheduling Services

How can I reach you to modify, cancel or book more services, during the week?
Do you service outside of Winnipeg?
What areas of Winnipeg do you service?
Can your employees transport me or my loved one in their vehicle?
Do you offer services on holidays?
Will I have the same staff arrive each day/each scheduled service?
What happens if I cancel outside of the cancellation period?
Do you have a cancellation policy?
Do you have a minimum number of hours I must book in order to receive service?
Do you offer an alternative service if I do not need the full 3 hours?
Do you have a minimum of hours per shift I must book?

Setting Up Services

Can I set up services on behalf of a loved one?
What information do I need to be able to set up services?
How do I set up services?
How do I get an estimate/quote for service?
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