We recognize that understanding how to book home care for a loved one may be difficult and we believe that it is important for family caregivers to allow themselves the time to rejuvenate the care they are already providing. Drake Medox private home care services in Winnipeg can provide respite care for families who need time to attend to other responsibilities or need a break from their caregiver role.

Our clients and their families have the opportunity to select and request the time, duration and level of their service needs. Services range from a short visit to 24-hour care. Drake Medox Home Care services in Winnipeg are designed and adjusted to meet the client’s changing and on-going care needs. Our knowledgeable and experienced Health Service Coordinators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with arranging immediate services or adjusting the scheduled services you are already receiving.

Select which home care service type suits you best from the service menu below:

House Calls


➣Up to 1.5 hours of service

➣Available at the Certified Health Care Aide and Nursing Level Only


The house call is a great service option for individuals requiring short visits, with minimal care.



  • Mr. Smith requires assistance with bathing and dressing the am and preparing his breakfast.
  • Mr. Jones has a nurse scheduled every Tuesday for his weekly medication injection.

Hourly Service


➣3 hours or more (3-hour minimum)

➣Available with all levels of service


For care that takes longer than the 1.5 hour house call.



  • Mr. Smith requires assistance with bathing, dressing, medications, toileting, meal preparation and serving, plus light housekeeping.
  • Mr. Jones has a nurse scheduled for wound care, medication injection and other tasks that take longer than 1.5 hours of service.

Flexible Service Option


➣Create a combination of House Calls & Hourly Services to suit your needs

➣Implement different levels of service professionals

➣Available with all levels of service


The flexibility and design of our service options make it easy to create a personalized schedule that works best for you.



  • Mr. Smith has a Certified Health Care Aide each day for a house call to assist with his bathing and meal in the morning. He also has a 3-hour hourly service scheduled every Sunday to accompany him to church.
  • Mr. Jones has discharged himself from hospital and requires 24-hour Certified Health Care Aide care and supervision, as his family is out of town. He also has a once daily nursing house call to provide his post surgical wound care.

We value our clients in Winnipeg and continually strive to provide a care environment that supports and respects each and every client’s lifestyle choices, religious, cultural and family values.

Navigating healthcare services can be confusing, overwhelming and time consuming. Whether your care needs are immediate, or you are planning for the future, we are here to support you in every step of your journey. We are ready and able to provide you with the information you require to make an informed private home care decision.

Seven days per week and 24 hours day our experienced Service Coordinators are available to speak with you or your loved ones about the Home Health Care Solutions that are right for you.

Please call us at (204-452-8600) to learn more about what we can do for you.