As a Nurse, your impact on people’s lives is immeasurable. At Drake Medox Health Services, we recognize the importance of your role and are committed to providing a supportive work environment that values your contributions. This position offers you the opportunity to showcase your expertise while positively impacting others’ lives. Join our team where you will be highly valued and respected.


  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Opportunities for professional development and advancement
  • Supportive work environment
  • Chance to work with a variety of clients


  • Provide professional Nursing services for clients, including independent nursing services, administration of prescribed medical treatments, a leadership role within the health care team, and facilitating coordination of client care and discharge
  • Utilize the nursing process to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate client care and develop individualized plans of care in collaboration with other members of the health care team
  • Organize work for the efficient delivery of client care and delegate care appropriately based on assessment of client needs and competence/role of care provider, while monitoring outcomes of delegated care
  • Document assessments and client care provided in the client’s chart and communicate client information to enable effective implementation of the care plan
  • Work with clients, families, and other members of the health care team to re-evaluate and modify interventions according to changes in client’s health status and evaluate the achievement of health goals
  • Recognize clients’ and families’ needs that require intervention by other resources, make referrals, and contact the appropriate supports
  • Adhere to College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses, Canadian Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses, Regional/Facility/unit policies, procedures, protocols, and guidelines, and other legislated acts


  • A graduate of an approved Registered Nursing or Licensed Practical Nursing Education Program with current active registration with CRNM/CLPNM
  • Possess a minimum of six months’ work experience and the ability to work independently and as a member of a multi-disciplinary team
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills, critical thinking/problem-solving skills, ability to prioritize care, adapt quickly to changing situations, and maintain concentration with frequent interruptions
  • Knowledgeable in nursing care related to the clinical area, roles and responsibilities of members of the health care team, principles of delegation, and relevant legislated acts

Registered Nurse / Licensed Practical
Nurse Application