At Drake Medox our Nurses in Winnipeg are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of care services to our clients and maintaining continuity of nursing care while respecting and fostering client independence. Our primary goal is to achieve a positive and familiar home care environment that supports an essential need for the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being of our clients.

Our licensed professional Nurses have years of experience caring for our Winnipeg clients in the comfort of their home and in facilities providing care such as post-surgery, palliative, rehabilitation, newborn and maternal care and restorative care from illness or disease.

Nursing Services Winnipeg

Home Nursing Care

Our In-Home Care Nurses support our clients in Winnipeg by providing in home medical care such as administration of medication (oral, injectable or topical), daily eye drops, wound care assessment and dressing changes, blood glucose monitoring, monitoring of vital signs, enema, suppository and disimpaction administration. We are able to design supportive home care solutions for clients with a variety of medical conditions, at every stage of life.

Upon an individualized assessment by one of our professional licensed nurses, we are able to develop a client specific care services plan that will provide an alternative to facility care settings with a focus on cost effective, holistic care measures.

Our Nurses will communicate with your physician in Winnipeg and other healthcare team members to obtain medical information allowing you to safely and effectively receive the home care you need.

Our nurses are experienced in providing care to our clients in the following areas:

➣Palliative Care

➣Medication administration (oral, injectable, topical, eye drops)

➣Wound care

➣Blood glucose monitoring

➣Monitoring of vital signs, including blood pressure

➣Bavel care (enema, suppository, disimpaction)

➣Catheter and Colostomy care

➣Tube Feeding

➣Tracheostomy care

➣Ventilator care

➣Palliative care

➣Alzheimer’s and dementia care

➣Post surgical care

➣Pediatric and adult respite care

➣School nursing care

➣Assessment and plan of care development

➣Maternal and newborn care

➣Mental health care

➣Disability care

To learn more about Drake Medox In-Home Nursing services, please contact us at (204-452-8600).